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Johnny Roasten Snow

Johnny Herrick Winter Wonderland Style




Plastic Sleds Are Fun To Jump Too

We had a great time sledding on Herrick Hill and below is all the proof you need!

Chrystal jumping over Joel and going straight to flat. Totally the best jump of the day.

Amy with a wild maneuver jumping the sled on her knees.

Ian getting snow thrown at his face from Joel the wise cracker.

Joel had all the gnarliest crashes of the day.


Shred the Sled

Here is a few more pics of Johnny on his snowmobile.

Style over Ian Bresnahan’s Toyota Tacoma.

View of the jump


Winter in New Hampshire

During the cold New Hampshire Winters this is how we keep ourselves happy.

Below are a few new pix of Johnny. We have more winter wildness pix coming out soon!

Roasten snow!



Fall Digging

A lil bit of digging has been going on in the woods, here is a taste!

Johnny moving soil!

Ian trying to set up the tranny.

Johnny to Ian, “dude that’s all messed up. Let me fix it!”

Johnny to Ian, “ok, I got it lined up and even, now you finish it!

Johnny to Ian, “That looks Dialed lil buddy!  Good Work”

We have also been just trying to stay clean and organized so below Joel doing some raking.

Johnny has been cutting saucers like a mad man to hold the tarps down tight this winter.


2010’s Last Ride

Trail riding season has come to a close in the woods of New Hampshire. Frost bite has been slowly taking over the trails leaving us a muddy mess in the afternoon. Days spent in the woods now consist of running the chainsaw non stop creating saucers to hold tarps tight through the winter.


A dry season in the north east left the sugar cookies a bit to crumbly to roast more than a few times but Ian Day left some grooves before our final tarping

Joel Evitts jumping over Whistle Pig trail

Ian Bresnahan was the raddest dude out in the woods consistently making the 2 hour drive every weekend to hang out with us!

Johnathan Herrick’s trail style stands alone


Till next season…


Cold, Wet, Colorful

With sub-par weather and conditions Adam, Ian, Johnny and Zak were still able to turn up the heat making it easy for Joel to capture these beauties.


Ian on the topside and downside of Brakers


Johnny laying it down

Zak sporting some suspect color gloves, good thing our tree makes him look cool



Adam Spitalny taking a break from school

Turning it down…


…into a snapped pair of cranks