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Winter Hike

Winter hiking is realy fun in the mountains, these photos below explain why better then words.

Below are photos from one Winter adventure with Johnny, Aurora, Ian and Joel up Frankenstien Cliff Trail to Arethusa Falls located in Crawford Notch.

Below is Ian Day on a random cool rock.

Johnny Herrick walking the line on a down tree.

Johnny and Aurora on Frankenstiens Cliff enjoying the solitude of Winter and a loving embrace.

Aurora, Johnny and Ian on the Frankenstien Cliff Trail in route to Arethusa Falls.

Ian Day and Aurora on the ice of Arethusa Falls.

Joel and Ian siked to see the 220 feet high ice of Arethusa Falls. 


Arethusa Falls in October

As you know Johnny and Aurora are quite the adventurous team.  So a mission to Arethusa Falls was no question after the heavy rain we recieved Friday.

Below Johnny and Aurora in the mist of the 220 foot high falls.

Aurora a little muddy.

The trail looked like this most of the way up the mountain.  Beautiful colors like you dream about! 


Glen Falls

Johnny and Joel went on a exciting waterfall adventure bringing along Tiffany, Johanna, and Johnny’s Dad, John.  Drove about four hundred miles to see three really nice waterfalls of Vermont. This one is Glen Falls Located in Fairlee, VT.

Walking up the trail from the bottom of the falls on Glen Brook this is the first one you see. Its not big or powerfull, but it is realy cool.

The second waterfall which is just upstream is a perfect twenty foot horsetail flowing out of a ten foot gorge into a small green pool. Above that the gorge gets deeper, upto sixty feet on both sides, and there is a small manmade dam at the top of the gorge. 


Moss Glen Falls

We went to Moss Glen Falls, located in Stowe,VT. This waterfall is pretty big and carried some heavy power down this section below. 

Moss Glen Brook starts to cut the top gorge in the pic below. The cliffs are nearly one hundred feet tall on both sides of this narrow gorge, enough to make us all quiver and shake a bit when leaning over to peak the stream below.

Below is the first fifty foot tall waterfall

Then then second set is seventy-five feet with a nice slide into a spread out fan drop.


Bingham Falls

We went on a waterfall adventure this weekend. Bingham Falls, located in Stowe, VT was the first stop.

Below is the main attraction located at the bottom of the gorge.

Starting at the top of the gorge the brook filters into this narrow slide and cuts deeper and deeper as it flows downstream.

The beautiful emerald green water flows down the deep gorge and breaks apart a few times and there are potholes everywhere.

Then the water flies out of the deep gorge and down thirty feet into a big green pool with cathedral like cliffs covered with moss all around.


Hamilton Falls

Johnny and his family went on an adventure to Hamilton Falls in Vermont Easter weekend. The waterfall was amazing but the sign at the top of the falls was even more amazing! I believe I read somewhere thirteen people actually died here.

Below Johnny’s father John, sister Jenny and cousin Ashley lookout off the overhang halfway up the falls.

This is the very top slide, which goes into the pool below, then out over the big drop.


Sabbaday Falls

Sabbaday Falls is a more popular venue as it is located just off of the scenic Kangamangus Highway and is easy to hike a short distance on a graded dirt road.  Here Johnny’s cousin Ashley chills near the top pool.