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Precious Memories

One photograph of trail riding depicts so much time and work that it holds much more then one stopped moment in time. Countless days of hard work went into the creation of each jump. Include the yearly spring maintenance to the older jumps and you could easily add up add up hundreds of hours per jump. It’s these memories that keep our hopes alive durring a time we have no trails.















The Woods Is Alive

The woods is turning green fast and animals are out playing hide and seek with us .  So nice to be in the woods!.

Below Joel and Johnny putting in work.

First day of riding Johnny was all about the whip already. Hopefully this year will be a good year for lots of this!


2010’s Last Ride

Trail riding season has come to a close in the woods of New Hampshire. Frost bite has been slowly taking over the trails leaving us a muddy mess in the afternoon. Days spent in the woods now consist of running the chainsaw non stop creating saucers to hold tarps tight through the winter.


A dry season in the north east left the sugar cookies a bit to crumbly to roast more than a few times but Ian Day left some grooves before our final tarping

Joel Evitts jumping over Whistle Pig trail

Ian Bresnahan was the raddest dude out in the woods consistently making the 2 hour drive every weekend to hang out with us!

Johnathan Herrick’s trail style stands alone


Till next season…


Cold, Wet, Colorful

With sub-par weather and conditions Adam, Ian, Johnny and Zak were still able to turn up the heat making it easy for Joel to capture these beauties.


Ian on the topside and downside of Brakers


Johnny laying it down

Zak sporting some suspect color gloves, good thing our tree makes him look cool



Adam Spitalny taking a break from school

Turning it down…


…into a snapped pair of cranks


Fall Fun

This afternoon was an event to be witnessed with Ian, Johnny and Zak having a blast whipping through the bare but bright forest. Even on a cold and wet Sunday this will be one of the days that stick in the memory bank.

Johnny leading Ian through Brakers, first take is how its done


Johnny giving a lift to Zak and Ian


Hot on the Trail!


Trying to disrupt the flow


Adding a few logs helped


Trail Slayin’ In October

Shooting photos during the Fall season is pretty fun. Usually the trails are 100% dialed and the temperature is just right, not to mention the color of the trees gets totally wild.  The hard part is raking the leaves off the jumps and paths so the place doesn’t get bumpy. Raking gets real serious this time of year at the trails!

Below Johnny roasts a Groundchuck while Aurora watches from below. Photos by Joel Dude.

 You never had fun like this!

 Zak is back blastin the hell out of everything higher than everyone.

To the moon on the Trick Trail.

“Get Down from those tree tops, those jumps weren’t made to go that high!”

 Britton Stetsor is the badass of the trail scene. Look at those Sleeves!


Zak Is Back

Zak Early is back home after being gone all Summer long and hasn’t dug all year. Dude is the biggest turtle out of the trail building team. Oh well, we missed him and hopefully he will be digging a lil bit this Fall.

Below Zak with an OPPOSITE tabe bigger then most dudes do regular tabes.

Ian Bresnahan is a stuntage fool!

Johnny barely whipped out.

Fall colors are in full effect along with this X-up by Mr Herrick himself.