Johnny Herrick Bio

Age: 29 on September 29th

Years riding trails: 17 years

Years digging trails: 17 years

Years digging Dialed 603 Trails: 5 full years now

Other sets of trails you built: Chesterfield Trails, Leeside, Merimac Trails, and Dialed 603 Trails. Plus lots of other spots but they were more like jumps not trails.

Sponsors: None

Companies you support: Deluxe BMX, Profile, Circuit BMX

Activities that you enjoy other than BMX: Mostly anything with my dog, photography, waterfall and mountain adventures and snowmobiles.



Joel Evitts Bio

Age: 10-10-1983

Years riding trails: Off and on until it fully took over my life 5 years ago.

Years digging trails: 5 years

Years digging Dialed 603 Trails:  Since early spring in the snow  2009

Other sets of trails you built: Community Street 99′ & Prison Trails 05′-08

Sponsors: None

Companies you support: DELUXE, Jody @TimeLessBMX & Vic @CircuitBMX, Profile (for making cranks I should have been riding years ago), Burlington Cycle!(R.I.P.)

 Activities that you enjoy other than BMX: Throwing rocks off mountains or sailing logs down waterfalls, swimming in the ocean, watching IR, driving in the snow, and waiting tables.



Zak Earley Bio

Age: 20

Years riding BMX:8 Years

Years riding trails: 4 Years

Years digging trails: 4 Years

Years digging Dialed 603 Trails:  4 Years, when I am not traveling.

Other sets of trails you built: 603 is my home trails!

Sponsors: Credence Bikes, Tree Bicycle Co., Eastern Boarder, CTi2.

Companies you support: Credence, Tree, EB, VANS, KTM,  Motor Bikes Plus, Poland Springs.

Activities that you enjoy other than BMX:  MotoCross, surfing, traveling.

Part time Trail Builder/Part time Turtle




 Ian Bresnahan Bio

Intro:  Ian is from Westmorland NH, which is a two hour drive to and from the trails.  Yet he is a full time local here and does more than his fair share of work on the trails every time he comes out.  Plus he has the skills and can ride anything.

Age: 18

Years Riding BMX: 6 Years

Years Building Trails: 1 Year at Dialed 603 Trails and 1 Year at the Riverside Trails in West Chesterfield

Sponsors: None

Companies You Support: Sunday Bikes, ECLAT, FBM

Activities that you enjoy other than BMX: Working in the Sugar Bush, and spending time with my wife. I  just love to ride bikes!




Ian Day Bio

Intro: We just met Ian Day this trail season and we are pretty siked on his positive attitude and great sense of respect, trail etiquette and accountability.  When he says he is going to meet you he is always on time.  I guess those type of friends are hard to come by so it’s nice to have.  Ian is relatively new to trails at the level we are at but he is learning how to ride, build and maintain quickly.  In less than one year he has already put a great deal of work into the woods.

 Age: 24

Years Riding BMX: 5 Years

Years Building Trails: Only 1 Year but  I’m training with the best trail builders ever so I’m pretty good.

 Sponsors: What?

 Companies You Support: Fly Bikes and Primo are my favorite companies.

Activities you enjoy other than BMX: I like snowboarding, camping, fishing, and having fun.


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