Calculating The Perfect Day At The Trails

Calculating the perfect day at the trails is not rocket science. It is truly a simple calculation that we add up on a weekly basis. All you need to do is just add it like this and you could have a perfect trail day every day.

 First thing you need is a brand new Bronco shovel. These work the best for us.


 Add in a brand new rake.

 Add in a brand new Deluxe or Deluxe Tech2 frame.


Add a lil bit of work to the trails. Water is a necessity. Below Ian Day professional trail waterer.


Add some extra smoothing and packing for pure beautification. Joel Professional beautifier.


Once you add all those things together it equals time to blast! Once your blastin it’s a perfect day! Honestly it works perfect every time. Everyone should try this for themselves.  It would be really amazing if more BMXers would build their own trails.  If you need the formula it’s easy.

 New Shovel+New Rake+New Deluxe frame and products+Water+Dig+Dial=Perfect day of Blastin Trails

 Below Johnny blastin through the Gunsmoke Line.


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