Camp Out

Johnny and Rodge had a fun weekend at the trails. Built the berm in the new trail a good bit bigger the morning after a campout.  Weather was perfect for sleeping outside so we made a small fire and grilled chicken and hamburgers with potatoes and vegetables for dinner. For breakfast we cooked scrambled eggs and bacon.  Johnny tried to make french toast but it kept sticking to the pan, so he gave up.

Other good news has also arrived that the owner of the land is not planning to build the housing development directly over the trails.  After a chat with him and some other people with him it sounds like we should be safe for at least four years.  Then we will see how close the development is located to the trails and how the scene looks. So for now the stress is off a little to find a new spot to build.  We just need to keep the place clean and organized while keeping the kids who don’t know how to ride the jumps off of our trails so noone gets hurt.  Luckily the owner is a nice enough guy. Johnny did a few runs through Overkill to show him whats up and everyone was stunned.

This is the berm we worked on. It’s getting bigger.

After dinner we took pics of the fire.

This toad was one ugly looking thing but he deserved a photo as much as anyone else.


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