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Dry Dirt

The trails are getting real dry this season especially at the top section of the trails.  And unfortunately there are a few young kids who think it is a great time to rip the tarps off of the jumps while only taking half the pins out and throwing tarps, pins and saucers all over. Then ride the top berms and rollers bone dry. I don’t understand how they don’t understand that’s just wrong. How do they ride BMX and think its cool to destroy someone elses BMX spot. You have to take care of what you do.  That means be gentle with the tarps that are protecting the jumps from the elements/ Allways water the jumps before you ride/ And allways dial the jumps so they are smooth and wet before you tarp up/ And most importantly know who you are fucking with. I would expect this behavior from mountain bikers or some other sport. You young BMXers should build your own jumps and learn to respect the old men of BMX if you ever want respect from us. Please respect what other people of BMX have done, that goes for all other trails anyhere not just these trails! Everyone KEEP OUT of other peoples trails!

 Below Johnny rocks Gunsmoke, the sharpest hip at the trails.

The woods is amazing because it grows cool looking things like this.