Soupifying Whistle Pig Trail

We recieved a ton of needed rain this weekend, so when the sun peaked out we went out to the trails to fancify the jumps.   We made them pretty fancy with an old technique we call soupifying.  Basically we soak the surface of any transition then smack and slide it with real muddy soupy clay soil mix.  Then just let it bake in the sun a bit.  Everybody that builds trails has probably done it like this, but not everyone can say their trails are soupified.  After some of that business we rode Whistle Pig which happens to be the ultimate trail.

Frogs are allways chillin in the water.  This one frog was really siked on front row seats to view the trail flow show.

We went to another set of trails nearby again called Boshito to dig and shred the jumps.  Below Johnny does a little X-UP over the last jump.  Thanks Adam Spitalny!

And this mouse seems to really love his home in the fourth landing at Boshito.


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