Long Weekend

We had a long weekend so that made for extra fun, extra friends and extra cookouts. Real good times with a few faces not often seen. If we only had some extra rain we would be all set.  The jumps are getting very dry. 

Ian Bresnahan was at it again this weekend.  He drove up to the trails just to dial in the second Sugar Cookie in Twister and grill some ribs on the fire.  Did I mention he lives two hours away and now has full local status. Dude is an ape!

As usual we found some forest dwellers and got photos to prove it.  Some pretty gross slugs live under the tarps.

Along with mice.

And this Spotted Salamander hides under some rotting logs.

Also we went to a secret set of trails near by called Boshito and had a great time.  Joel showed the trails this beauty.


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