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Trails Are Fun

Yes, trails are fun! Now that it is officially Summer we have been trying to ride more and dig less. Hopefully that continues to work out.

Britton Stetsor was one of the original builders at these trails but has been on a vacation for a while.  He has been out riding again lately getting his trail knees back in shape. Siked!

Ian Bresnahan was in full effect this weekend boostin through Whistle Pig and stunting heavy through Twister and Breakers.

Ian even did a barspin over Drifter a few times.

Johnny just having fun in the woods!

Joel was boostin Whistle Pig as well.

Below Joel dude roasts around the 180 Berm at the end of Whistle Pig.


Animals Are Awesome

Here we have two beautifull flying animals that Johnny happened to find and photograph. We hope you enjoy their beauty.  In other news we recently updated the 603 Builder Bios Section and added a Ian Bresnahan Bio. To find it just click on the 603 Builder Bios up on top of the page.


Soupifying Whistle Pig Trail

We recieved a ton of needed rain this weekend, so when the sun peaked out we went out to the trails to fancify the jumps.   We made them pretty fancy with an old technique we call soupifying.  Basically we soak the surface of any transition then smack and slide it with real muddy soupy clay soil mix.  Then just let it bake in the sun a bit.  Everybody that builds trails has probably done it like this, but not everyone can say their trails are soupified.  After some of that business we rode Whistle Pig which happens to be the ultimate trail.

Frogs are allways chillin in the water.  This one frog was really siked on front row seats to view the trail flow show.

We went to another set of trails nearby again called Boshito to dig and shred the jumps.  Below Johnny does a little X-UP over the last jump.  Thanks Adam Spitalny!

And this mouse seems to really love his home in the fourth landing at Boshito.


Borrowed Land Equals Borrowed Time

Borrowed land equals borrowed time, of course that is true.  It takes big dreamers with lots of motivation and patience to create something like this. So to hear of its demise is quite disappointing.

 We take great care of the land we use in hopes it will take care of us.  We take great care of the trees and roots, the shrubs, and flowers. We watch in awe of the beautifull wildlife that lives in or passes through our forest daily.  We are respectfull of neighboring homes with our quietness.  But sadly one day we will lose the forest we call our own no matter how we treat it.

The Supreme Court has approved the building of 270 condo units in the form of 30 town house buildings, each with varing size units. This will mean the end of our trails.  The part that saddens us the most is that the land is full of wildlife, some of who’s presence have been featured here on our blog site.  But there are far more than we have photos of.  The fact that our trails are partly built in a wetland was a safe bet for us to not see them plowed down in the future.  Allthough wetland are no big deal according to the approvals for this construction.

The project has been under appeals for some time now due to some arguement of  the land being saved as commercial property not residential property.  With the court ruling in favor of the town houses it is now up for the planning boards approval.  After that it may be all down hill for us and the trees and the animals.  We don’t really have any details of the construction as to where the roads or town houses will be located yet.  We only know it will be in our forest, hopefully it will take a few more years for the final approval and planning.

We have known for a few years that the risk of death existed in our forest. Though we continue to build and maintain the trails we have constructed.  And we will continue to take care of our forest and animals as if to preserve them forever.  We will not give up easily. We will make the best of our time which we realize is borrowed.  When it is over we will find a new forest to create magic and protect.  For now it’s business as usual for us in the woods chillin with the animals and trees waiting for it all to disappear.


Putting In Work

 We are still working on some of the old jumps trying to get everything rideable and working on a few new projects as well.

Below is the last jump in Whistle Pig all ready to go now.

And our new friend Ian Day working on the new line.

This Frog and his family have been jumping around the trails alot lately. Hopefully they are eating the mosquitos that are pretty nasty out their.


Long Weekend

We had a long weekend so that made for extra fun, extra friends and extra cookouts. Real good times with a few faces not often seen. If we only had some extra rain we would be all set.  The jumps are getting very dry. 

Ian Bresnahan was at it again this weekend.  He drove up to the trails just to dial in the second Sugar Cookie in Twister and grill some ribs on the fire.  Did I mention he lives two hours away and now has full local status. Dude is an ape!

As usual we found some forest dwellers and got photos to prove it.  Some pretty gross slugs live under the tarps.

Along with mice.

And this Spotted Salamander hides under some rotting logs.

Also we went to a secret set of trails near by called Boshito and had a great time.  Joel showed the trails this beauty.

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