Trail Construction

We have been working on a ton of different projects all at the same time so it’s dissapointing sometimes to never feel like we are going to finish it all. But we are restless.  We will dial all the jumps to perfection!

Below is the third jump in a brand new trail we started this spring. The landing was just about finished Sunday.

We made major modifications to the berm after the sixth jump in Overkill. This shows coming into it.

This shows going out of it, into the seventh jump.

We are using some of the trees that fell durring last winters big storms to help protect the jumps from future storms, rain or snow.  These tree slices seem to work great even with the heaviest winds.

Also we have been working on the older lines. Getting them dialed in from last winters frost.  Below Johnny dials the fourth jump of  Whislepig and gets some love from Aurora after the work is done.


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