Groundhog Day

February 2nd is a special day for trailbuilders especially in the northeastern US due to the fact that a groundhog predicts the length snowy winter weather will continue. Accordding to the tale on this day a famous groundhog, or as we call him whistlepig, named Punxsutawney Phil crawls out of his hole to see whats up. Depending on whether the sun is out and the whistlepig sees his shadow, or its cloudy with no shadow will decide if winter will continue for 6 weeks or not. Basically Phil is a nervous little fellow this time of year so if he sees his shadow he is gona shit. Then wait for 6 weeks to come back out. If its cloudy he will leave his den and search for food. While Phil lives in a Pennsylvania zoo where the famous prediction is decided our own family of whistlepigs is hibernating beneath the trails. We love these little dudes and protect them as part of the trails. Whistlepigs are the ultimate!


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