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To Torch or Not to Torch



We just spent $100 to buy a propane blow torch in hopes of drying out a few jumps to ride this fall.  Its been really wet this season and we have been building new jumps like crazy and we want to ride them bad. So we decided to test out this flame thrower contraption. Today was the first use of our new trail tool, so if you are an experienced blowtorchman with any insight on methodology for this trail building process please comment. Any feedback may help, especially if you have had success with this dirt packing application. As for us so far it hasnt been any kind of magical soil packing tool, but it did get us real close to dialed on this lip which we are planning on riding tomorrow, which is all that counts. Plus this thing is real fun!
















Aurora was quite nervous, she didnt want to be any where near it.


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  1. 1 Thomas Wingate
    November 24, 2009 at 5:40 pm

    Seems you guys have continued to use the blowtorch on later builds?
    Here are some thoughts: I’m guessing it does manage to dry the top surface but likely wont have any real effect as the thermal mass of a solid clay/dirt jump or landing is simply too great.
    One approach to dealing with high moisture would be to build a core out of dirt with high levels of sand and gravel and then add a layer of dirt with higher levels of clay for the “shaping”. The core will drain moisture quicker and leave the shaping layer less wet.
    Another idea would be to cover structures with tarp/plastic but make sure that air can flow between the cover and the actual structure. E.g. build a low “tent” to allow evaporated moisture to ventilate. This will also dry out structures faster.

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