Rave X Outer Limits Tour

Johnny- This past weekend Zak left for Dew Tour in Orlando FL, and Joel went to his brothers wedding, so I went to the NHSA Grassdrags.  I’ve been into snowmobiles forever and I’ve been going to the grassdrags and watercross racing for the last four years in Freemont NH.  I really only go to watch the Freestyle Sno X demo every year and this year it was sick as hell as usual until one of the riders crashed.

I got one Epic photo of three dudes from the Rave X team roasting off the super kicker in the air at the same time. I love pics like this.




















This dude is bad ass on the Yamaha.














These photos below are of D-RAIL, Darryl Tait.  This dude was shreddin hard so I was most successful getting pics of him.  The hole team was putting on an amazing show and the crowd was going nuts. 



























D-Rail floated this Back Flip about mid way through the demo and under rotated enough so his skies were pointed straight down at impact. He flew past the top of the landing to the flat bottom on his chest with his Skidoo comming down on top of him. Not  a good scene.  Definitely the most depressing sight to see, ever.  He was taken to the hospital in a medical helicopter.  D-Rail is currently in the hospital waiting for his lungs to get strong enough for surgery on his spine.  He fucking Shreds and I hope he rides again. For more info go to www.ravexfreestyle.shutterfly.com


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