Kyle Amidon Bio

Age: Born August 22, 1978

Years riding BMX: 25 Years- Started racing at the age of 6.

Years building and riding trails: 15 Years

Years digging Dialed 603 Trails:  3 Years and moved away to RhodeIsland this summer.

Other sets of trails you built: Shovel Trails, Prison Trails, Dialed 603 Trails, and Cumby Trails

Sponsors: Circuit BMX Shop

Companies you support: I support my friends and companies making products in the Good Ol’ USA.  


Activities that you enjoy other than BMX:  Rope swinging,  jumping off cliffs or bridges, spending a night by the fire with my friends, my Daughter Maisy, listening to music and roastin’.


Stylin through WhistlePig





















Turndown across Drifter Spring 09′

















No footed can-can Fall 07′





















Huge X-Up through Whistle Pig


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