Joel Evitts Bio

Age: 10-10-1983

Years riding trails: Off and on until it fully took over my life 4 years ago.

Years digging trails: 4 years

Years digging Dialed 603 Trails:  In the snow  09′

Other sets of trails you built: Community Street 99′ & Prison Trails 05′-08

Sponsors: None

Companies you support: DELUXE, Jody @TimeLessBMX & Vic @CircuitBMX, Profile (for making cranks I should have been riding years ago), Burlington Cycle!(R.I.P.)


Activities that you enjoy other than BMX: Throwing rocks off mountains or sailing logs down waterfalls, swimming in the ocean, watching IR, driving in the snow, and waiting tables

Many thanks to Adam Spitalny for coming up so many weekends and random days throughout the week! On one of his last visits he brought out his camera, here are a few  sweet shots.

Nac-Nac on Drifter

















Carvin’ SugarCookie #2












Kickin’ it flat- Brakers Hip from Twister


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