Trails in New Hampshire are few and far between. Not that the story of trails is different in any other part of the country. It is a rare thing to find a real trails scene anywhere in the world. Trails are a secretive topic in the BMX community. It is not advertised like a concrete park, local indoor park or NBL race track. In most instances it is in fact EXCLUSIVE to friends and no one else. Some trails spots may be more lenient with guests and some may be public. That’s not us though.. These trails are most definitely exclusive, and meant to be kept a secret. Guests are welcome, but only with invitation, and you better be prepared to help with the maintenance and digging.

The builders here dig more than ride and we like it that way. We are not just trails riders, we are trail builders. In our opinion trails builders ride much better than a trail rider that doesn’t dig regardless of stunts. The Builders of the Dialed 603 Trails Dig till they Die! Some days we dig until we almost pass out. We are crazy about it and it is always worth the extra effort. Builders of the Dialed 603 Trails include Johnny Herrick, Joel Evitts, Kyle Amidon and Zak Early. A few others have come and gone, staying for a month or two and then disappeared from the trail scene. None the less they have made contributions as well which we greatly appreciate.

This blog is by no means advertisement for readers to come ride our trails or for anyone to think that is ok to tell anyone the location of these trails! Our intention is to inform readers and friends of our trail scene construction and post pictures for anyone interested in seeing and hearing about our trails scene. This is the DIALED 603…

Johnny Herrick





















Joel Evitts

















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